Renee VanHeel lost everything in the San Diego fires of 2007 and has since dedicated herself to helping other fire victims through the life-changing process. She was mentored from the fire survivors from the 2004 San Diego fires. For her, this is all about Paying it Forward (she even named my business after that idea)!

If you are a fire victim or know someone who is, our hearts are with you. We know what you are going through and are here to help. 

Here are a few videos that will walk you through some of the things you need to be doing right now to prepare for rebuilding your home and life. We will be adding videos and resources every day, so please keep checking back.

Most importantly, accept the help. Whether it is taking time to watch some of these videos or clicking through the resource links, you WILL make it through this.

First site to visit:

If you would like an assigned mentor for either insurance or personally (you need both), please let us know.

**There is NO fee for us Paying it Forward to you. We are more than happy to provide you these resources and mentorship FREE OF CHARGE. 

Fire Disaster Resources

The aftermath

Our home in 2007

Sifting through the house

You WILL rebuild your home and life! 

Our Story

A Message of Hope: You WILL get through this!

Learn to Accept the Help

What to do with your Utilities

You need a Little Black Box 

Journaling WILL save you

Supporting each other to celebrate success along the journey

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On Insurance Matters

United Policyholders (UP) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization whose mission is to be a trustworthy and useful information resource and an effective voice for consumers of all types of insurance in all 50 states. 

Also available as a handout HERE.

100% of donations will go to the fire survivors and their families

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Fire Insurance: Do you have enough? 

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